You may be thinking that your child is ready for braces or Invisalign and wondering what kind of appointment you should schedule. Here is some information about the steps involved in preparing for orthodontic treatment.

1. ORTHO EVALUATION: If your child has not been seen in our office, we would like to first have an orthodontic evaluation. This appointment is no charge. Dr. Moore will perform this examination to assure that your child is ready to proceed with orthodontic treatment.

2. ORTHO RECORDS: If your child has been seen in our office (perhaps at a dental cleaning or an ortho evaluation appointment), and we have recommended orthodontic treatment, your child is now ready for an “Orthodontic Records” visit. At this appointment, we gather data such as: photos of the teeth, a digital scan of the teeth (no more goopy impressions!), and x-rays of the teeth. We then send this information off to a lab that digitizes the info so we can formulate a treatment plan for your child. About two weeks later, we will sit down for an orthodontic consultation.

3. ORTHO CONSULTATION: At this visit, the child is not required to attend (most choose not to attend). Dr. Moore will sit down with the parent(s) and review the proposed treatment plan options to include total treatment cost and estimated length of treatment. You will have a chance to see the progressive dental digital image on the screen, see examples of braces and/or Invisalign trays and ask Dr. Moore any questions you may have.

4. PAYMENT FOR ORTHODONTICS: At the Dental Development Center, we offer an attractive payment plan option. With this payment plan we do not charge any interest to the patient. We divide your estimated portion due over the course of treatment.

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